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Prohodna cave eyes / Todor Petkov, Bulgaria, 2008

The following versions of Tale Type ATU 516+ are difficult for me to translate properly and sometimes to understand. Fairly often I have problems with diacritics and optical character recognition. Any researcher who could help me with this matter would be most welcome.
I do not wish for an entire translation, but details about :
* The meaning of the title
* The characters : their name, function (king, prince, son of a merchant or else, old woman, spirit, supernatural creature, ghost…)
* The principal episodes of the story (quest, fights, elopement, prediction, dangers, sentence, petrification, remedy, return).
You can also correct the description and abstract I have written, if they already exist on this research blog. All versions are listed on this page.



Weryho. – Ľákaj-kàḿań [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 165 Ko]

Smičiklas. – Šandor [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 441 Ko]

Gaal. – A mostohaanya [blog post]
Kálmány. – Nap, Hold, Csillag kiszabadítása [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 394 Ko]
Berze Nagy. – Csinos Ágrágyi [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,21 Mo]
Mailand. – Hajnal Vacsora és Éjféle [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,25 Mo]

Sprostranov. – Умаионѣ [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 705 Ko]

Davainis-Silvestraitis. – Przypowiastka [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,28 Mo]
Kolberg. – Dwaj królewicze [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 257 Ko]
Kolberg. – Dwaj bracia rybni [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 254 Ko]
Kowerska. – Bajka o wiernym furmanie [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 265 Ko]
Kosiński. – [Był jedén pustelnik…] [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 174 Ko]

Onchukov. – Аркій Арковичъ и Иванъ Царевичъ [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,47 Mo]
Ramanaŭ. – Три Коляды [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 306 Ko]
Ramanaŭ. – Tоже [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 294 Ko]
Ramanaŭ. – Пилауъ-добрый молодзецъ [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,14 Mo]
Ramanaŭ. – Булатъ-добрый молодецъ [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,31 Mo]
Ramanaŭ. – Ceмъ Cямéнoвъ [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 837 Ko]
Dobrovolsky. – Хадилъ мальчикъ па хадоби и иупрасился начувать у старнка [blog post] — Text [file .pdf — 345 Ko]

Kašiković. – Цapeвић и Apaпин [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 530 Ko]
Krasić. – Царев син и Оштар дан [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 310 Ko]

Slovak (Eastern dialect)
Czambel. – Zo Širokého [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 295 Ko]
Czambel. – [Buů dze ňebuů buů jeden kraľ …] [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 298 Ko]

Hnatiuk. – Королевич Адольф і його товариш Николай [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 3,51 Mo]
Rosdolsky. – Вірний брат, що брата і братову вратував і через те каменем став [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 344 Ko]
Rudchenko. – Лови [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 234 Ko]
Chubynsky. – Про богатыра Сухобродзенка Йвана н Настасію прекрасную [blog post]Text [file .pdf — 1,71 Mo]

Note: A few examples of ATU 516+ can be found on Multilingual Folk Tale Database []. Also a page (in German) about Der versteinerte Freund [].

Please use: faithfuljohn [ at ] laposte [ dot ] net to communicate with me. Thank you very much for your collaboration !

Source de l’image : Prohodna Eyes / Todor Petkov (cc-by-sa-2.0)

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